Tuesday 29 November 2016

What I Learned From Not Wearing Makeup For A Month

Winter mornings are always the toughest and I always have a constant battle about whether I should skip lecture or not. I don't know about you but this semester has been tough for me especially because I have three 9:00am lectures/week.   Anyway, one day I decided that I should stop wearing make-up so I can have extra time with my bed. Ha! I'm pretty sure some of you can relate. That extra 5 minutes doesn't always go as planned.

If you are a makeup enthusiast like me and you go out without anything on your face, you'd know the real struggle. However, I suddenly got used to not wearing makeup for a week so I told myself to try it for another week. But then I was like "Why not make it a month instead?" So I challenged myself to do it.

Every morning I wake up always exhausted. What can I say?

So here's what happened to me  for the past month without makeup:

1) I didn't have to worry about spending my time to fleek my eyebrows 

2) Having the assurance that my boyfriend, family, and friends love me for who I am. I mean, they have witnessed my panda looks & sparse eyebrows everyday but they love me still.

3) Well, I lied. I actually used lip stain sometimes. But that was the beauty of it, a pat of stain here and there and I was good to go without looking totally dead.

4) I was able go to sleep without the problem of removing my makeup. Long days in uni are tough and removing makeup was out of the equation of exhaustion.

5) Watching makeup tutorials but not being able to practice it on my face was tough. Desi Perkins was out there blending her eyeshadows and I was on the other side of the screen thinking "slaaay gurl" but I couldn't slay it myself because of my own challenge.

6) I realised how much boxes of pizza I could've devoured if If I didn't spend it on a drawer full of makeup.

7) I was able to go around everywhere looking like a potato confidently.

8) I was able to get ready in less that 15 minutes but was still running late for class. 

9) Even though I was able to get ready quickly, I still didn't have time to eat breakfast.

10) Splashing my face with water and spritzing toner & applying moisturiser have been my only 3-step morning skincare routine. Quick & easy-peasy.

So there you have it!


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