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Thursday 1 October 2020

Ellaine’s 25th Birthday


Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. What have you been up to lately? Can you believe it’s finally the 1st October? 

So, it’s been a while again since I posted and today I’ve decided to update you a little bit. Well, the photos in this post are actually outdated as this was taken last 25th June ‘20, but in case you haven’t noticed or if you’re new here, my blog theme has changed! 

I have a penchant of trying new things at the start of the month and today, I spent almost 8 hours updating it. The last time I updated my blog was exactly 5 years ago (you can find it here). 

I will make a post on why my colour change taste has change, so if you don’t want to miss out on my posts, please subscribe to my newsletter! 

So, back to the main point of this post. 

My friend Ellaine celebrated her 25th birthday last June and here are some of the photos we took. 

Because of the pandemic, there were only 4 of us and despite the small number, we had so much fun. We ate too many food, drank a little & chatted. The main theme of the party was glamping and Ellaine kindly organised it, everything went perfect with the help of the Teepee Tribe. 

Inside the teepee

There were four beds in total and usually they set the picnic table outside but, since the weather in Northern Ireland is very unpredictable, they set it inside.


I made a cheeseboard platter & sandwiches which are cut weirdly because it was already too late when Ellaine told me they have a bread knife. The rest of the food on the table were ordered from few Filipino businesses. 

From right to let: Me, Ellaine, Reyn, Meiyan

We took photos using Instax. Mine was gifted by Kristine. 

Lastly, here are my favourite photos of Ellaines baby bump and I. I’ll let her tell her own story. You can find her blog here.

Until next post. 

Take care & goodluck. 


Wednesday 7 June 2017

Combined Celebrations

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Sunday 11 October 2015


Wednesday 30 September 2015


Wednesday 26 August 2015

Prezzo | Day Out With My Brother

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Ivory Restaurant | Alice in Wonderland in Victoria Square

"But, my dear, this is not Wonderland and you are not Alice." 

That is just a quote that I know off by heart from the famous novel called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which was written by and English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll in 1865. We can learn more about the novel, of course, but this post is not about the novel- this is about the wonderful day that I had with my friends/squad. 

Reyn, Ellaine and I arrived at around 4pm so went to Starbucks first to wait for Kaye as she finished worked at 5pm. After that, we toured around Victoria Square, where a lot of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland were set. (you will see the photos later in this post) We were going to go to Prezzo, however, Reyn decided to go to Ivory Restaurant, which is located at the top of House of Fraser in Victoria Square; so we did.

The Balcony in Ivory. How chic is that?

Our drinks


Kaye. Chech out here blog here .

Kaye & Ellane. Check Ellaine's blog here.

The squad selfie

I look atrocious but it's okay because the rest of them look fine.

The odd twins in Alice & Wonderland

our "tea party"

Check out Ellaine's VLOG below.

I really had a good time. I haven't seen these girls for months because I was over in England and everyone of us seemed to be busy. It was a great day for catching up and the weather had been good to us. 

I had a great time because It was my first time to go on a train without my parents! I was basically a grown adult on that day. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. 

Take care.

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