One Fine Sabbath


HEY, HEY, HEY! It seemed like FOREEEVEEER since I last made a blog post. The reason why I haven't posted anything lately is because of my coursework deadlines and I've been facing computer and typing a lot lately. I just wanted to take a little break and focus on my priorities. But, hey, I am posting this because I just cannot not post even a single thing on the month of April. So here goes something a simple:

Our church had a programme called Jesus7 which lasted for a week (13th-19th April). I should've posted about this event so you would have been able to experience the online seminar. The speaker was Pastor Janos Kovacs-Biro. He's Hungarian but his English was actually great. He's the kind of pastor you can actually listen to without getting bored because he delivers the message invigoratively and his messages are so inspiring, heart-warming, and uplifting. Yes, I am a Christian and I am not ashamed of that. The programme was not to convert people to become Seventh Day Adventists or to become Christians but it was aimed to let the people know about Jesus. 

They set up a marquee outside the church for a mini-exhibition where 4 volunteers were assigned for 2 hours slot to look after the marquee. My parents and I volunteered on the last day of the seminar from 10am-12pm. It was actually a lovely day, the sun was out but it was a bit chilly. We gave some leaftets to other people who were passing by along the street. There were people who ignored us and there were also others who came inside to visit the exhibition. Around 10:40 that day, a man around mid 40s or early 50s came in to the marquee. He was a security of the hospital opposite the building of our church. At first, I though he was just there to visit the marquee and to see the exhibition, but no, he stood there for ages and spoke to Patrick and I. Patrick is another volunteer on that time slot. 

The story of the Pastor on that day was about a 6 year old boy who had cancer and he only had 3 weeks left to live his life. Long story short, the mother rang the fire station to ask for 2 requests. The mother asked the Chief Officer  if the child can visit the fire station but the Chief Officer offered more. He took the child's measurement and made a uniform similar to the ones they have and the child wore it on the day of his visit to the fire station. The mother's second request was for the Chief Officer to send one of the firemen during the child's last day, again, the Chief Officer offered more. The Chief officer asked the mother what room the child was and told her to open the window. The firemen came in through the window and saluted to the child and the child felt very special and happy. The child died, miracles didn't happen but he died happy. 

The paragraph above is just a  a summary of the story and you might not feel inspired or encouraged but I promise that on the actual day that message was so powerful that it made people's eyes water. The pastor's voice was so soothing, so calming, so comforting that inspired everyone. The moral lesson that I learned from that story was that: Like the mother from the story, WE SOMETIMES ASK GOD FOR SOMETHING THAT WE THINK IS GOOD FOR US, but like the Chief Officer, GOD GIVES US MORE THAN WE COULD ASK FOR AND HE GIVES WHAT IS BEST FOR US. We just have to believe in HIM, to obey Him and to stay faithful to Him.

Below are some photos from last Saturday.


Apparently, we look alike :3


Mama and I


Inside the marquee.
There were actually more displays and there were 2 televisions one for children and one for adults.

Went to KFC after for lunch. I only had powder and blusher on as we had to go early and I didn't get time to put on proper make-up.
Thank you for reading and hope you all had a lovely and blessed Easter :)

Take care.
xoxo, Xyza 


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